What we need is Unions, not self-help – good article from Peter Fleming…


Interesting article from Peter Fleming in The Guardian  – putting forward the idea that we need strong Unions, and effective politicians, not self help books and alternative therapy, to tackle problems of depression, stress and mental health in society. His point is that rather than shift the blame onto the individual, and expect them to save themselves, we need to work collectively to ensure we get the rights and conditions we deserve, the space and time we need to keep us healthy and happy.

This connects with a book I’m reading right now called The Happiness Industry: How the Government and Big Business Sold Us Well-Being by William Davies. It charts the rise of the self help industry, and how it’s related to the emergence of Neoliberal economic philosophy.

Sure, yoga’s a beautiful thing, can make a real difference, and can help us make positive changes in our lives. But we need to have the basics in place too. And everyone deserves this, not just the well-off, affluent and the well educated.  Secure work, paid holidays, good working conditions, fair pay, free medical care and affordable housing make quite a difference to your stress levels too!


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