Jhula Yoga finishing from 29th June

After 2 years, I’m closing Jhula Yoga on Friday June 29th. This is because I’m moving out of York in the summer, across to Leeds. I’m working on getting someone to take over the space and start Jhula Yoga back up in the Autumn after the summer break, so I’ll post info on the website when I know what’s happening.

Many thanks to everyone who’s attended and been a part of Jhula Yoga over the past 2 years – it’s been a great experience, and I’ve learned so much about yoga teaching.

I might well be running some free community yoga sessions over the summer in York, and I’ll post on hear if I have a date.

Many thanks!


Wendy Jacob is guest teaching at Jhula Yoga tomorrow!

Wendy Jacob is guest teaching at Jhula Yoga tomorrow!
She’s one of York’s most experienced teachers, so it’s a real treat to have her visit!
Wendy runs a very busy yoga teaching schedule around York, which includes lots of classes in and around the city, and also runs York’s only Yoga Alliance 200hr teaching training school.
You can find lots of info on Wendy’s interesting yoga website, My Yoga Journey.
I’ll be back teaching as normal on Thursday!
See you then.


Back from India, new Jhula Yoga term starts….

End of the first week back at Jhula Yoga! So nice to be back practicing regularly with everyone. Congratulations to Harold for his daughter’s extraordinary success being shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize with her debut novel, ‘Elmet’!( Such a lovely story to have as part of our yoga community.

I had an amazing 3 weeks in India before coming home on the 15th September. See attached photos. One highlight was visiting the Chengannur Mahadeva temple (, and watching a Kalari demonstation in Kerala – an ancient Indian martial art. I also met a very interesting Yoga teacher, menstrual activist and industrial chemist called Manish in Mumbai, who founded the innovative company Shecup (, and the controversial feminist activist and author Nikita Azad in Delhi –
see here: (

Mumbai, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu…

I’m in India right now, travelling around the South meeting women’s health activists. My partner Kim and I are researching and meeting people for a project planned next year around women’s health issues. We’ve met activist organisations Stone Soup and Boondh in Bangalore,  and we’ve also met Thoomiai in Chennai. Yesterday we were at Auroville and spent the day meeting EcoFemme.


So we’re getting a very interesting perspective on the fast changing politics and philosophy of modern India. Next stop Kerala, Delhi and Mumbai, before returning September 16th to start yoga again Monday morning and evening, September 18th. Hope to see you there…

Jon and Kim in Pondicherry, Taking in the Bay of Bengal





Community Jhula Yoga at Tea in the Park, as part of The Great Get Together event….



We had lots of fun at the Tea in the Park community event on Sunday in Rowntree Park, York. Jon ran a free Jhula Yoga session. There was lot going on, including some wonderful folk musicians, and just lots of talking and chatting. Our local labour MP Rachel Maskell also turned up, which was nice! Jon also ran a singing workshop in the woods with help from a few members of his choir, The Stonegate Singers.

Tea in the Park is part of The Great Get Together, a nationwide series of events over the past weekend to celebrate the life of MP Jo Cox who died last year.

See here for details:


Yoga in St Lawrence Church last night

Yoga Church 1.JPG

We ended up with an unexpected yoga session in St Lawrence Church last night for the Monday evening class. Such a beautiful space! Lovely to do tree pose with the sunlight streaming in through stained glass windows. Also the bell ringer have their practice on a Monday night – bell ringing and savasana go very well together!

Attachment and Trauma: The Resilience of Mind and Body.


In my view, Yoga teaching that isn’t informed by at least an engagement with, and some understanding of, modern psychological research and thinking is dangerous. Yoga teachers need at least to have a keen interest in psychology, trauma research and advances in psychodynamic therapies in order to practice yoga in an intelligent and holistic way.

There’s so much interesting literature out there on the crossover between psychology and body use. I was talking to a friend of mine recently who is a psychotherapist and bodyworker, who attended a major conference in London at the weekend, Attachment and Trauma: The Resilience of Mind and Body (see here). This was attended by many of the best known figures internationally in the field, such as Judith Herman, Antonio Damasio and Basel Van Der Kolk. Apparently, they are saying that any therapeutic system that doesn’t consider the mind and body as an fully integrated system and include an integrated physical component is not fit for purpose – for example CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and a vast majority of the well known established psychodynamic systems out there. No therapy can be effective without an understanding of the relationship between mind and body, and without a well thought through psycho-physical component.

Those engaged in the arts, music, dance, martial arts, singing, voicework, yoga, and a host of other psycho-physical practices, have know this for a long time I think!

Yoga is a fascinating area were mind and body can come together. Yoga informed by an understanding of modern psychology, and the latest research on our emotional anatomy, has huge potential.

Check out The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology from 2014 (link to book on Amazon) for example, or the brilliant In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness by Dr Peter A. Levine (see here for book on Amazon), and lots of other books you’ll find on my website: see here

Roots of Yoga book launch in London

photo 1 (4)

I attended the book launch of The Roots of Yoga at SOAS in London last week. This brilliant source book draws on over 130 ancient texts related to yoga from numerous traditions. The authors, Sanskrit scholar and Dr James Mallinson and the historian Dr Mark Singleton, were there taking questions. A very interesting evening!

Jhula Yoga starts again tomorrow!


Jhula Yoga (7)
A reminder that Jhula Yoga morning classes start up again tomorrow!
It will be great to see you there for some tea at 7:15am, for a 7:30am start.
Everyone welcome – including newcomers and people who’ve never done yoga before.
No need to book – you can pay on the door or online – and as usual mats are available.
The evening class doesn’t start till next Monday though – I’m going to London for the book launch of The Roots of Yoga – an amazing new addition to yoga scholarship by Dr Jim Mallinson and Dr Mark Singleton, two of the world’s leading modern yoga scholars. Check out the book here:
Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a good session after the break.
Many thanks,