Modern Yoga Research group

This is the central site for the Modern Yoga Research group – a group of like minded scholars working internationally to propogate the latest research on yoga history. A brilliant bunch of people from around the world!

This Radio 4 programme, The Secret History of Yoga, gives a good insight into the work they do, and features a number of their well known scholars including Dr James Mallinson and Dr Mark Singleton:

Matthew Remski

This guy is a bit of a genius. He is at present close to publishing What are We Doing When We Do Asana – a look at yoga practice and attitudes to pain and injury in yoga through a psycho-social lense.

Check this out if you want to know the sort of thing he’s talking and writing about:


and also this:


Dr James Mallinson

Mallinson is a well known sanskrit scholar and at present running a very important research project on the origins of Hatha Yoga at SOAS:

He’s also a good friend of the actor Dominic West strangely enough, and they made this film together on the origins or yoga which is brilliant: