Welcome to Jhula Yoga!

We run early morning yoga classes in York.

At present, we’re running Jhula Yoga on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, from 22nd March to 26th April 2019

After running classes for 2 years, we closed for a bit, due to the teacher Jon being too busy to run classes every morning.  Sarah Warman at My Mandala Yoga and Art has taken over the morning slot, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:15am-8:30am, and I’m covering her whilst she’s away in March/April

Simple, effective, and affordable hatha yoga for all ages, all levels of ability and experience.

Our aim is to create a friendly and supportive community of practitioners interested in developing their practice together. We want as diverse a range of people as possible in our yoga community, working together in a positive atmosphere.

Our morning sessions are always by candlelight

We think that yoga can benefit everyone, and isn’t just for very flexible people! We also believe that yoga should be intelligently practiced, taking in a modern understanding of anatomy and biomechanics to avoid strain or injury.

Maxine Gordon at the York Press wrote a good feature article on Jhula Yoga which gives you an idea of what it’s like to attend the class: York Press Jhula Yoga article

York Press Article on Jhula Yoga

Jon doesn’t do adjustments (where the teacher physically adjusts the students) and instead is interested in giving people the space to explore postures for themselves. Jon’s yoga class is about creating the conditions in which people can cultivate awareness of their own individual physical experience as part of a group and community. There is no interest in pushing or straining, just exploring the breath, mind and body. As a general principle, we avoid yoga gurus and yoga ‘lineages’, instead encouraging a practice that involves mindful interoceptive exploration, combined with knowledge of the yoga tradition based on research and constructive critical thinking.

The hall is warm and well heated, with double glazing and a high quality new floor. The sessions are lit with candles to create a positive atmosphere.

For us, Yoga is about consciousness, rather than fitness. This is a thoughtful and intelligent form of yoga practice; we’re more interested in yoga as a tool for connecting mind and body, and for its psychological benefits, than as a form of physical exercise.

Yoga can create more awareness in the body, more clarity in the mind, and make real, significant positive changes to the way we feel day to day. It can also be used to great effect when practiced safely in combination with sports and other forms of physical exercise – the insight and awareness gained from a yoga practice can feed into other physical activities and be a real complement to them.

Jon is sensitive to issues related to trauma, CPTSD and PTSD in yoga practice.

Time and Place

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

7:30 – 8:30am

FREE TEA @ 7:15am


All classes: St Lawrence Church Hall, Lawrence St, York, YO10 3WP


The hall is very well heated, and not at all drafty, with double glazing throughout. There’s a new high quality floor, and a new kitchen. So it’s a very cosy place!


At Jhula Yoga we’ve developed our own set of sequences, and also a neat way of representing them using mind maps. You can find out more about our sequences here