The Full Sequence (see below) can be thought of as a ‘master sequence’, a full palette of asanas (postures) that we can draw on. Once well learnt, it takes around 1.5 hours to complete. I wouldn’t advise doing this sequence every day unless you’ve got plenty of experience and you’ve been practicing regularly for a while.

Each posture is held for around 5 deep slow breaths. The sun salutations are repeated as many times as you feel. I usually do 1-3 repetitions.

Each day we’d suggest ending the asana practice with around 5-10 minutes of seated meditation.

The Full Sequence begins at the yellow branch, with warm up postures using the sukasana (cross legged) and dandasana base position. (For details see the Warm Up Sequence) We then move clockwise from branch to branch. The Sun Salutations runs from left to right.